A Great Career Opportunity: College BSN program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing or college BSN program or BScN is the academic course in science discipline dealing with the medicinal section of nursing and related services. The course is of three to four years and makes the students eligible for attaining a registration for a profession in nursing.

The bachelor’s degree in nursing or college BSN program offers the students a varied course including a variety of subjects. The students are given classroom training in nursing science, physiology, human anatomy, basic mathematics, social sciences and humanities among other subjects. The students are also given extensive trainings in medical and surgical conditions under some healthcare institutions or hospitals. The degree of BSN gives the students opportunities to go for a master’s degree in nursing which gives them the opportunity to attain a higher degree and salary package in professional life.

The BSN degree program trains the students with a mixture of course work, lab works, skills practice, real time situation simulation and specialized clinical experience. The students learn introductory skills and theory programs in class. Critical situation thinking and basic nursing skills are improved and developed in the clinical practice labs. The students are offered to work and practice in safe medical environments. The students are provided with quality human body-like manikins or fresh human corpse for practical training purpose. The students are required to log a particular number of hours of intense lab and clinic training. Basically, the college BSN program students need to learn almost all the technicalities, medical terminologies and medical situations that a doctor knows.

Educational requirements:

The students willing to take on the course of bachelor’s degree in nursing need to have a formal science degree with biology and chemistry among the subjects in high school. With the rush to get admission in these courses nowadays, the students need to acquire good marks in high school level examinations to increase their chances of getting an admission. Most of the colleges require separate entrance examinations for admission. In some other cases, a centralized entrance examination is held and the students need to qualify it in rank basis. Apart from these, the students need to have good physical conditions and a good strong heart to withstand the complexities that may occur in various medical conditions in different health care institutes and hospitals.

The class and training facility needs the students to attain the classes and trainings full time. Part time class options are also available but it is advised to the students to go for full time programs as it increases the chances of getting better career opportunities.

Career options:

The college BSN program makes the students eligible to practice nursing services in various health care institutes. The most common and basic career options that a student might be offered after passing the bachelor’s of nursing degree are:

· In critical care situations, the nurses are assigned to face medical conditions that are deemed critical and require urgent and intense medical supervision.

· The students after completion the course can be assigned to basic acute medical care.

· They are also needed to attend outdoor patients and take care of the outpatient situations.

· The nurses can also go for public care and mental health care facilities and serve in accordance with the doctors.

Apart from these options, the basic career for nurses includes:

· Pediatrics

· Hospice nurses

· Medicinal nurses

· Surgical nurses

· Oncology

· Operation theatre

· Cardiology

· Emergency room

· Psychiatric section

· Mental health care

· Working facilities in specialized skill training

· Outpatient health care units

· Home and public health facilities and

· School, college and university nurses.

Apart from these direct service conditions, the graduates of college BSN program or BScN program can also go for academic careers. For that, almost all the institutes require a master’s degree. After attaining the master’s degree in nursing science, the students may apply to various training and teaching facilities for the nurses and acquire the positions of faculty or trainers. This particular career option is also very popular among the graduates and that also help the students to forge the future of the new generation of nurses.

Career in nursing is on a rise for the past few decades. This particular career gives the students satisfaction of serving his or her people. The nurses are considered to be the right hand of the doctors in popular culture. Apart from the huge amount of respect from people of each and every social background, the nurses are also provided with good career options. The salary packages are pretty satisfactory and the growth options in career are also quite high. Go for this college BSN program career if you want to serve your people and also have a healthy career out of that.

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