LVN to BSN Program: Which is the best?

Nursing is one of the most intriguing professions, and only the right person will make a great success in this field. It requires one to be empathic, passionate and have a vast scientific knowledge with incredible intuition. The principals of basic nursing are taught in courses for LVN’s or Licensed Vocational Nurses. As a licensed vocational nurse, the work experience gained through your working period can make a great transition to becoming an RN (Registered Nurse) far much easier than if you were to start from scratch. LVN to BSN programs help you to have a good background in managing and caring for patients. Although some might argue that the duties of BSNs and LVNs are similar, the reality is that BSNs have much more accountability, knowledge and responsibility. To have a great start, you need an LVN to BSN program that will make you rise easily and also get to the job market within no time.

Why LVN to BSN Programs?

Before we can get to the best schools in California, you need to understand why you should study in California. Well, California has some of the best programs in the country for one, and it’s a state where there is already a very high demand for nurses, so the funding, infrastructure and standards of education to educate and produce nurses are all there as well. You can be assured that you are getting the best nursing education that money can buy.

After understanding that California is the place to study, you need to know what it has to offer in terms of LVN to BSN programs. It is if often advisable to make several rounds and even research on the available schools before making a decision on where to enroll. Other necessary things that should be on your checklist include; tuition fee and financial aid, accreditation, degree requirements, programs and even time for the completion of the program.

The following are some of the best LVN to BSN programs.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best universities to study the LVN to BSN programs.

· West Coast University

If you want to get your BSN license as little as three years, then West Coast University is the place to be. It is one the highly acclaimed institution in California and most people recommend it as one of the best online options. Unlike other programs, its start dates are flexible and can easily be switched to suit your timeline. The curriculum offers students enough experience and skills they need to work as a registered nurse. Additional advantages include leadership skills, standard nursing practice, and necessary management skills for a nurse.

· Azusa Pacific University

Learn your LVN to BSN program as you also get nourished spiritually. The Azusa Pacific is founded in a Christian background and yielded several true leaders in the field of health care. The University is also advanced and has enough knowledge when it comes to collaborative practices. As a student, you will get to learn several things that affect the society and how to solve problems that can occur apart from learning your LVN to BSN program. For instance, the faculty members who are also experts in various fields will help you build mentoring relationships, receive hands-on experience and also take part in challenging debates.

Being a Christian university, it has a strong focus on cultural diversity encouraging students to take global research opportunities and study abroad if possible. In Azusa Pacific, LVNs can take part in two different programs. You can choose LVN to BSN or opt for LVN to RN program. You get to pay $722 per unit, and the available accreditations are BRN, WASC, and CCNE. It also has a minimum time commitment of 67-71 units which is approximately 2 years.

· California State University San Marcos

At this university, you need to have a valid license to earn your BSN degree. It is a great public university with enough facilities and experts. Its accreditations are WASC and CCNE. The school has residents and non-resident students who pay $5,472 and $ 14,400 respectively per year. Unlike Azusa Pacific University, the minimum time commitment is 3 years. Apart from LVN to BSN programs, students can also apply for a course to hold a bachelor’s degree in non-nursing related fields.

· California State University Easy Bay

If you are thinking of taking LVN-BSN pathway, then this University should be on your checklist. LVN-BSN is a pre-licensure program that is available for any LVN, who already has an extensive nursing knowledge. After graduating from this program, you stand a chance to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. The University has a minimum program time of 3 years, and accreditations are given by the California State Board of Registered Nursing.

· California State University Fullerton

This university offers an LVN to BSN program whose purpose is to ensure that the graduates have the skills, attitude and knowledge required to work as a nurse. The general nursing practice helps graduates to easily work in a variety of fields where they can hold professional and scientific accountability for their actions. The tuition fee is $ 6,196 for 9 months with a minimum time commitment of 56 credits and accreditation is done by WASC.

Although studying LVN to BSN programs can be expensive, you will reap significant benefits after getting your nursing license. Unlike other states, California currently has 250,000 employed RNs who receive a median salary of $91,000. According to statistics, this is one of the highest paid salaries compared to the state average of $51,000 that is given to every LVN. Climbing the ladder might be a tough task but it is the only best way to land on the greener pastures.

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