The Common Nursing School Admission Requirements Around the Country

In the field of nursing, the number of colleges and institutions providing the degree program is huge. A number of those colleges admit students through some centralized admission test whereas some other colleges prefer to conduct their own entrance examinations. The nursing school admission requirements for some of those institutions do not include any specialized examinations, just the marks and percentages from the previous qualifying examinations. As the career growth of nursing is pretty high, a number of students are opting for this as their prime career option. The increasing number of applicants each year have forced the college and institution authorities to rectify the admission criteria and strict the procedures a bit.

The nursing course includes several hours of intense lab and clinical training as well as classroom coaching. The lab training includes training about medicines and chemicals that are used in patients’ bodies. The students are provides with life size simulated manikins or real human corpse to practice the human anatomy and physiology. The professors, teachers and trainers train the students on various human organs, their functionality and the several illness or anomalies they might encounter. They are given intensive training regarding the treatment of the body as a whole and of different body parts. The classroom coaching includes detailed discussion on several topics. The range of the topics that are taught in class is huge. Some of the most common and basic topics that are taught in nursing classes are:

· Psychology

· Anatomy

· Adult patient health concepts

· Mental health and subsequent conditions

· Pharmacology

· Microbiology

· Basic patient management

· Human development

· Patient assessment

· Child health care

· Mother and infant care

· Chemical compositions of basic medicine etc.

The salary structure for nurses is also pretty good and they can earn an average annual income of $67000 in the United States of America according to recent studies. Almost 60% of all the nursing jobs are based in the hospitals and health care units. The salary increase is also on a higher note and can increase up to 22% annually in the most favorable conditions.

The nursing school admission requirements vary from school to school and from course to course. The basic admission criteria for admission in bachelor in nursing science courses in colleges around the country are:

· The applicant needs to have a high school degree in science stream with biology and chemistry among the subjects.

· The applicant must have a very thorough knowledge about English language. He or she needs to be fluent in speaking, reading and writing the English language. This skill is very important as it helps in communicating with the doctors and the patients alike.

· For outstation students, they must provide a test score for any internationally recognized English language test to prove their proficiency.

· For students, who wish to be posted in areas where the local language is other than English, then he or she must be proficient in the local language.

· Official transcripts in hard copy format from all the post secondary institutions that the applicant has attended needs to be sent to the institute via postal services.

· The applicant also needs to attach a personal statement. Along with an updated resume.

· An attached portfolio is preferred.

· The student needs to send the duly filled admission form along with recently clicked photographs and application fee attached with the form.

· After all these, they need to pass the qualification exams, if any.

Apart from the bachelors program, several colleges offer masters degree in nursing. The nursing school admission requirements in the masters degree are as follows.

· Graduation degree from a recognized college of nursing. The candidate must secure the cut off percentage that the masters program requires.

· Completion of the courses on the subjects that are taught in the bachelors degree without any backlog.

· Admission form duly filled up along with the admission or registration fee.

· Some of the institutes also require a basic experience certificate. So attach the experience certificate, if you have any.

· A scholarship application form, if the applicant is appealing for any kind of scholarship programs.

With nursing becoming as one of the most favoured career choices in present days, it is clearly understandable if anybody wants to attend the nursing school for bachelors and masters degree. The nursing school admission requirements are tough no doubt, but anyone with a decent mark sheet can cut through it.

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